Norton Gearbox Cover Seal Upgrade

A simple fix to the annoying oil leaks from the kickstart shaft and gear change shaft on Norton/AMC gearboxes with o-ring seals.  The cover is machined to accept a lip seal which brings the cover up to the standard of more modern machines (such as the Mk3 Commando of 1975) with little outward change in appearance. 

The cover is machined to accept a standard lip seal (in the case of the kickstart shaft, the standard seal used on the MK3 Norton) on both shafts.

The seals are installed as part of the service, but are not included in the cost of the service.  Current prices are $5.75 for the gearchange seal, and $12.95 for the kickstart seal.

The cost of the service is $30 per seal, or $50 for the pair.  Currently, the total with the price for both seals would be $68.70 plus shipping.

What we need is your clean gearbox cover with as many parts removed as possible.  Also, we will need your return shipping address, a contact number (preferably an e-mail address), and your payment information, either credit card, PayPal or money order.

Turn around time is one week, not including shipping time.

Method of payment is credit card, PayPal or money order.  The total will be determined after the work is completed and return shipping has been calculated.