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Amal 900 Series, MK1 Concentric Carburetor Modification

Please note that due to lack of volume and the retirement of our primary machinist, we are temporarily suspending the Amal Concentric Rebore.

This does not affect the Nortec, Norton gearbox seal or tach drive seal operations.



Object:  To recover worn and warped carburetor bodies and to return body-to-slide clearance to original specifications, thereby allowing precision control of the idle settings.

Procedure:  This process does not involve a sleeve!   The used carburetor body is bored to accept an oversize chrome plated brass slide, the mounting flange is milled flat, and the o-ring groove is re-cut as necessary.  Because of the design of the slide, the original choke slide cannot be used.  All other original parts are retained.



    Body Only..... (Using Your carburetor Body).....$80.00

You get:

Parts required from you:

Complete Carburetor

(Using Your Complete Carburetor) $110.00 Plus required parts

(The average cost per carburetor with parts is approximately $134.00 per carburetor.)

You get:

*We Strongly suggest replacing needle jets and installing Viton float needles where applicable.

*We very much prefer with the "Complete Carburetor" selection, that you send us a complete carburetor, assembled!  It makes it a lot easier for us, and it is the best deal for you. 

*$110 Price does not include gasket kits,  additional parts or shipping.

Turn around time:

As of Nov. 1, 2007, we are running our batches once every two months, and the deadline dates will be posted at the top of this page as well as on the home page.  We have been to be able to achieve a two week turn-around with this schedule.  This does not include shipping time.

Important: You Must include in your package to us:

For more information you can contact us at: